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Salud Mental Digital: de propuestas a la acción

Desde el año 2013, la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) organiza una campaña mundial por el Día Mundial de la Salud Mental. Para este año, la Federación Mundial de Salud Mental (WFMH) ha fijado como tema “Que la salud mental de todos sea una prioridad mundial”. La salud mental es mucho más que la

Health Data Forum

Big data: how it will help us? The goal of this summit is to combine the different perspectives of data scientists, healthcare professionals, patients and governance to find the much-needed consensus for the next generation of healthcare systems. Join us and share your views and experience. We are pleased to announce that Lord Nigel Crisp

World Health Summit 2022

The World Health Organization looks forward to co-organizing this year’s World Health Summit (WHS), 16-18 October in Berlin, Germany. The 2022 World Health Summit aims to  stimulate innovative approaches to health challenges worldwide; reaffirm the position of global health as a key political issue, foster health and well-being of all, and strengthen the international exchange